Winter brings colder temperatures, ice and snow. This is the time of year snow mould or fusarium can present itself and it isn’t until the snow has cleared and spring occurs that you may discover if you have been affected or not. Winter feed is invaluable for the lawn and garden at this time of year to stop nutrient deficiency and to ensure the nutrients are absorbed during the winter months in preparation for the growing season. An efficient soil conditioner to improve the soils physical qualities and moss control is also highly recommended at this time of year. Epsom Salt spreading or Magnesium Sulphate is a key nutrient for plants and an inexpensive way to improve your garden.

All the 4 Seasons Lawn Care Technicians can advise on the best lawn care and garden maintenance products to receive optimum results for your lawn during the year.

4 Seasons Lawn Care advice to receiving a great lawn during winter

  • Always ensure the drainage around the lawn is at an optimum level to evade common lawn disorders
  • To protect lawns from ‘snow mould’ always make sure there is adequate circulation of moisture and air above and surrounding the lawn.
  • Reseeding the lawn can help it to recover from damaging winter diseases
  • Ensure there is an integrated disease management plan in place to counteract any infected areas on your lawn
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