Controlling lawn weeds

Keep lawn and grassed areas weed-free and looking great with professional treatments throughout the year. We can provide efficient and effective lawn weed control services at an affordable cost.
While cutting a lawn does reduce the appearance of harmful weeds, it does not prevent the problem from happening.
Weeds can quickly strangle and prevent grass from growing to their fullest potential.
Using the right maintenance, good grass will continue to grow free from weeds and contaminants.

Benefits of professional weed control:

  • Kill the weeds and not the grass
  • Highly effective because contact with the weed is superior to DIY ‘weed & feed’ products
  • Don’t require watering in like DIY chemicals
  • Allow a choice of ‘active weed killing chemical’. Not all weeds are killed by the same weed killer so two different ones may be required
  • Child friendly and pet safe as soon as the lawn is dry

Moss Control and Season-long preventative weed treatments are also available for lawns and grassed areas within your grounds. Regular and One-off lawn weed control services available all year round.

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