Summer is the time of year that the weeds grow in abundance. A strong weed killer will control the unwanted plants on your lawn and continually applying a wetting agent during hot spells will ensure any dry patches are adequately hydrated. The use of pesticides and fungal treatments approved by 4 Seasons Lawn Care is important to eradicate pests and fungal diseases that can permanently damage lawns. Fertilisers can encourage new grass growth and help to toughen and improve lawn plants and grassland.

All the 4 Seasons Lawn Care Technicians can advise on the best lawn care and garden maintenance products to receive optimum results for your lawn during the year.

4 Seasons Lawn Care advice to receiving a great lawn during summer

  • Apply an early summer feed to the lawn.
  • Always ensure a correct fertiliser is used in warm weather conditions
  • Ensure a wetting agent is applied to eradicate dry patches on the lawn.
  • Application of pest & disease/fungicidal control treatments can avoid unsightly worm casts, kills pests and treats fungal problems associated with the lawn.
  • Soil Conditioners add slow releasing nutrients to the lawn and can destroy weed seeds.
Keeping your lawns, moss and weed free, throughout all the seasons