Spring is the time of year your lawn is starting to grow again after the winter. Once the dark nights of season become longer, your lawn and gardens springs to life. When 4 Seasons Lawn Care spread the first application of spring feed and moss control treatments the whole lawn takes on a new look. It is also the time of year to introduce aeration and scarification to the lawn. All lawns, no matter what condition they are in will benefit from both these treatments. For avid gardeners all the spring treatments on the lawns should commence before the introduction of unwelcome plants so the grass is not competing for light, moisture and nutrients with the unfavourable weeds, flora and fauna varieties.

Spring is also the time to introduce a light grass cutting, top dressing and over seeding to your lawn as the months progress towards those long summer days. The optimum time for lawn renovation takes place in early May.
Our advice for receiving a great lawn this spring is to introduce a moss treatment by using Ferrous Sulphate and ensure all weeds are controlled by using a proficient weed eradication treatment. The scarification process will remove the thatch and mosses that incorporates the lawn and aeration will improve the fertiliser and drainage proficiency. At 4 Seasons Lawn Care our technicians always ensure when grass cutting and mowing the lawn that they only remove only one third of top growth at a time.

All the 4 Seasons Lawn Care Technicians can advise on the best lawn care and garden maintenance products to receive optimum results for your lawn during the year.

Let us help and advise you on how to care for your lawns and garden. Call us or email to get your gardens greener and lawns luscious.