Lawn Mowing

Some folks simply enjoy working on their lawn. If that’s you, by all means, keep up the good work. One can experience a great pride in manual physical labour, especially if that labour results in the beautiful production of a pristine lawn. If you’d rather save the time, money, and stress, hiring 4 Seasons Lawn Care might be the
best decision.

Professional lawn cut provides the best possible finish for your lawn including professional edging of entire lawn area including around trees and other garden features. 4 Seasons Lawn Care can assist with your lawn care through weed and pest control, top dressing, fertilising, aeration, and turf laying and repair.

For 99% of us little and often means once a week. This will produce a much denser turf than if your grass cutting is every two weeks. A dense turf is the best looking and a great form of natural weed control as it prevents weed seeds from contact with the soil. A lawn should be cut once a week and only cut the top 3rd of the grass

Mowing options available.

  • Every 7 days
  • Every 10 days
  • Every 14 days

Each cut will leave you with a beautifully striped lawn.

We offer commercial and domestic grass cutting services on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis, for houses, business premises, hotels and pubs. Small & large lawns (all sizes catered for)

Other commercial services available

  • Commercial Lawns
  • Paddocks
  • Fields

The benefits to our Professional lawn cut services

  • Save time – (Perhaps the biggest reason)
  • Expertise – We know exactly your lawn needs
  • No Storage of fertilisers and other pesticides
  • Hugely cost effective

If you cut your grass regularly, you’ll have to replace your mower every few years. And this isn’t even factoring in other lawn-care costs, like weed trimmers, leaf blowers, and more.

If you’re ready to save time and money, avoid injuries and illness and more importantly, get some time to yourself again, it’s time to invest in professional lawn mowing services.

Contact us now for a no obligation quote, we offer 7 days, 10 days or 14 day grass cutting cycles with striped lawns.

Free lawn mowing tips

  • To maintain a healthy lawn grass cutting should be carried out approximately once a week during the summer months.
  • The optimum level is 1/3 of grass blade per cut as more than this can result in thin and patchy lawns.

Call us now to discuss how we can help you get a thicker, greener lawn.